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Susan Pettygrove
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Ines SmrzArtist Bio
I've been an artist since the age of five, when my grandmother and I went for a walk and stopped to enjoy the vibrant colors of a flower garden in my native city of Santiago, Chile. As she described the different colors I felt a sense of excitement and elation. This memory was the palette I began to paint with. Ever since then I have enjoyed creating pieces that celebrate joyous themes using color and design. I came to the United States as a teenager. After getting my bachelor's and Master's degree at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, I spent a decade married and raising two daughters. During this time, I continued my art career by painting murals in private homes. In 1985, I developed a new art form of bas-relief Sculptured Screens and began to send my work to galleries across the country. Since then, my work has been inspired by travel throughout South America, Mexico, and the American Southwest.

Artist Statement
The purpose of my work is to create a joyous celebration with color and design. Through the method of three-dimensional bas-relief, the figures jump to life and vivid colors evoke an air of jubilance. The themes of these life-size, free-standing Sculptured Screens range from social party scenes to nature in the wild. Celebrate!

Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors
Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art

Individual Collections: United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile
Corporate Collections: Seagram's Corporation, Marriott Hotels, Columbia National Bank - Chicago, McDonald's Corporation

1989 to Present - Windsor Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida.
1996 to Present - The Gallery Shop, Martha's Vineyard, MA.
1997 EXPO - New York City, NY.
1996 Kohler Art Festival - John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI. Juried. Award.
1996 Lakefront Festival of Arts - Milwaukee Art Museum. Juried.
1996 Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art - 55th Annual Membership Exhibit. Juried. Award.
1995 Portraits: Self, Family, Friends - Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors, Membership Show, Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, WI. Juried.
1995 Harvest Festival of Arts - Ozaukee Art Center, Ozaukee, WI. Juried.
1995 Frost and Fantasies - Anderson Arts Center, Kenosha, WI. Juried.
1995 Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art - 54th Annual Membership Exhibit. Juried. Award.
1991 Shapes of Color - Group Show, Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, WI.
1991 Landscapes and Furniture - Group Show, Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, WI.
1989 Group Show - Gilman Gallery, Chicago, IL.
1989 Whitt-Kraus Gallery - Palm Desert, California.
1989 Duncan Gallery - Hudson, Ohio.
1989 Cupola House Gallery - Egg Harbor, WI.
1988 Premier Gallery - Fredricksburg, Virginia.
1988 Group Show - Gilman Gallery, Chicago, IL.
1987 Lakefront Festival of Arts - Milwaukee Art Museum. Juried. People's Choice Award.
1987 Twelve Women Artists - Gilman Gallery, Chicago, IL.
1987 Summer Group Show - Gilman Gallery, Chicago, IL.
1987 Morning Glory Art Festival - Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI. Juried. People's Choice Award.
1986 Response '86 - Wisconsin Women in the Arts, University of Wisconsin. Juried.
1986 Wisconsin Attitude - Cudahy Gallery, Milwaukee Art Museum. Juried.
1986 Lakefront Festival of Arts - Milwaukee Art Museum. Juried.