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Susan Pettygrove
Tel: 312.642.3098

Anne Stromquist A student of both art and botany all her life, Chicago-based Anne Stromquist her two main interests into hand-colored floral etchings that are as beautiful as they are authentic. A close look at her "Sweetbriar Rose" and "Blue Columbine" reveals that Stomquist first translates the pure line and intricate detail of her fragile subjects into expressive black-and-white etchings. Once she finishes printing, the accomplished artist then meticulously hand-paints each print with watercolors applied in fine, small brushstrokes. Exquisite miniature watercolors as well as quality etchings, Stomquist's joyful prints are seen regularly in galleries across America and Europe and in collections of botanical societies.

excerpt from: The Metropolitan Gallery of Fine Art